Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes


Wedding cakes are without a doubt the center piece of any wedding. Everyone admires the beautiful bride, herWedding Cake amazing dress and sometimes, even before acknowledging the groom, the cake takes priority. What can you do guys? it’s her day after all.

At Luvies Bakery we understand the importance of this age old tradition. In modern times the cutting of a wedding cakes with the groom’s hand over the bride symbolizes the protection, provision and trust in each other to see this journey through. To some people this might seem insignificant, but we understand the commitment to family, to new beginnings and working together toward a common goal. This is why we celebrate with you and take pride in the special honour of being a part of this great moment.

At Luvies Bakery the process works as follows:

  1. Email us a picture of the wedding cake you’d like complete with details of colour, number of tiers, etc.
  2. We send you a quotation for your approval.
  3. Book a consult with usWedding Cake Tasting
  4. Our pastry chef prepares a few options of cake flavours and filling for you to taste.
  5. Cake design, flavours, delivery and cost are discussed and finalized in this 1 hour session.

Please be advised, wedding cake consultations will only be confirmed after you accepted the quotation. No point going through a consult if you’re not happy with the quote, right?

Once these are confirmed, Luvies Bakery coordinates with your wedding venue and/or wedding coordinator around the delivery.

Useful Tip: On your special day, you don’t want to be bothered with “Where must the cake go?”, “Who is receiving the cake on delivery”, etc. Make sure you appoint someone beforehand to handle this. Luvies Bakery will gladly coordinate with that person so you have a less to worry about.